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At PENN® we design all our gear to meet superior standards, but it’s no secret we take the most pride in our spinning reels. It’s a fact: a saltwater spinning reel is a true-blue companion for serious anglers requiring the ultimate in versatile performance on the water. We know enthusiasts of all stripes respect our sleek designs, but this comprehensive line of spinning reels is not just for show. Their hearty-looking bodies hide a high-performance interior, ready for the moment when it’s their time to show a biting sportfish no mercy – whether it’s ten kilograms or on hundred.

The saltwater standard, PENN® has been designing and manufacturing tackle that stands up to the task for 85 years. The resulting skill, knowledge and passion enable us to produce reels that have set records in nearly every IGFA classification. PENN® brings precision engineering, cutting edge materials and brute-ready drag systems to your pursuit of the toughest fish in the sea.

Known perhaps as much for our spin fishing dominance than anything, PENN’s reputation has placed our reels on the list of top spinning reels across scores of esteemed publications. Discerning sportfishing experts consistently champion PENN® as the most reliable spinning reels an angler could own.

With trustworthiness and durability you can count on out of the box, start your next battle with a PENN® spinning reel to be sure it lands in your favour.


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