Fishermen are the original hoarders. When you add up all the little bits and pieces you’ve accumulated over the years it can be quite an overwhelming amount of paraphernalia – from tiny lures, through to your most valued rods and reels. Given that you have a few dollars locked up in your fishing tackle, it makes sense to organise that tackle with PENN’s range of storage systems.

These range of soft tackle bags are designed and tailored to suit the vast array of harsh and testing environments that Kiwi anglers find themselves fishing in. Whether casting off a sandy beach for a mulloway, or out on the open ocean exposed to the elements, this range of storage options has something to suit your needs.

PENN have designed these bags to be the ultimate fishing storage system regardless of what fish you are chasing. Each bag within the range has mountains of space, with side compartments, box storage and tool and accessory holders.


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