Ask any angler who capitalises on New Zealand’s incredible bluewater and offshore fishery, and they will tell you that to tangle with the species on offer, you need equipment that is synonymous with reliability, durability, versatility, and strength. Whether it is line capacity, drag rating, retrieve speed or just all-round aesthetics, PENN’s range of overhead reels will have you covered from the tips of the coastal break walls out to the continental shelf. Through an extensive range of models and sizes, we have made sure that every species and technique is not just accounted for but has a reel that is perfectly suited to win that battle.

Known for being the strongest and most durable fishing reel on the market, PENN’s reputation has seen our overhead reels be the chosen product for countless fishing charter operators around the country, who don’t just want a reel that works, but need a reel that will dominate a list of a dozen species, for 10-hours on end, 365 days a year.

Different types of fishing demand different needs from anglers. We get that. We know fishos from all stripes that like their slick colours, a neat shine, and a fancy name. We get that too. But any type of fishing that involves dealing with the harsh New Zealand conditions that penetrate our coastlines needs nothing more than a strong and powerful reel that will operate under the extreme and testing environment. That’s what you get with PENN.

Drawing from over 85 years of experience and some of the best pro-anglers in the country, we have continued to tailor our overhead reels so that every time you pass that coastal bar, you know that PENN has you covered.  Where it be blue marlin on skirts, mahi mahi around the FADS, kingfish on a pinnacle or snapper on the inshore reefs, PENN has an overhead reel that will do the job.


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