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Like any notable duo in modern New Zealand culture, PENN’s range of overhead rods are the ultimate companion to the premium line of overhead reels that are trusted by anglers all over the world. Designed to suit the harsh and testing conditions that the target species demand, PENN’s range of rods feature the highest quality componentry available on today’s market, tailored perfectly to withstand wind, rain, pressure and hours on the water.

With 85 years of design experience underpinning this range, and a field of some of New Zealand’s best anglers testing and tweaking these rods before going market, PENN can guarantee that every feature, reel seat, runner and grip has been chosen, designed, and implemented to suit New Zealand conditions. Whether it be chasing marlin off the continental shelf, mulloway off the break wall or snapper on an inshore reef – there is nothing that the PENN range of overhead rods can’t accommodate.

Being fisherman themselves, the design team at PENN know what makes a good rod – BALANCE. COMFORT. SENSITIVITY. RELIABILITY. There is nothing on these rods that doesn’t serve a purpose, solve an issue, or make like easier for all the hardcore New Zealand anglers that grace our waterways.

Start your battle today with PENN.


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