Squall® II Star Drag


  • Graphite frame and sideplates
  • High-strength marine grade bronze alloy main gear
  • Stainless steel pinion gear
  • Live Spindle with free floating spool
  • Versa-Drag system with HT-100 washers

FROM RRP. $279.99

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The PENN® Squall® II Star Drag is lightweight, quick on the retrieve, and extremely castable due to its revolutionary Live Spindle design. Now featuring PENN’s proprietary Fast Gear Access Sideplate, the Squall II is more angler friendly than ever. Available in 5 sizes from 12 to 40, the Squall Star Drag has the reels to handle everything from surf to light duty offshore work. The 15CS features upgraded spool bearings and a knob mag dial for ultimate control while casting.



ModelSKUColorMono Capacity yd/lbMono Capacity m/mmBraid Capacity yd/lbReel Handle PositionAnti-Reverse FeatureGear RatioRecovery RateDrag MaterialBearing CountMax Drag lbReel Spool MaterialDrag TypeRRP
SQLII12SD SQUALL II 12SD REEL BOX1522163Black430/10 295/12 250/15395/0.29 270/0.35 230/0.38560/15 455/20 345/30RightInstant Anti-Reverse6.1:129" | 74cmHT-100720lb | 9.0kgAluminumStar Drag$279.99
SQLII15SD SQUALL II 15SD REEL BOX1522165Black355/12 305/15 200/20325/0.35 275/0.38 185/0.46550/20 415/30 290/50RightInstant Anti-Reverse6.1:129" | 74cmHT-100720lb | 9.0kgAluminumStar Drag$279.99
SQLII25NSD SQUALL II 25N SD REEL BOX1522169Black345/20 315/25 255/30315/0.46 290/0.49 255/0.54710/30 495/50 410/65RightInstant Anti-Reverse6.1:140" | 102cmHT-100725lb | 11.3kgAluminumStar Drag$279.99
SQLII30SD SQUALL II 30SD REEL BOX1522171Black440/25 355/30 275/40400/0.49 325/0.54 250/0.61685/50 570/65 495/80RightInstant Anti-Reverse6.1:140" | 102cmHT-100725lb | 11.3kgAluminumStar Drag$299.99
SQLII40SD SQUALL II 40SD REEL BOX1522173Black420/30 325/40 240/50385/0.54 300/0.61 220/0.71810/50 675/65 580/80RightInstant Anti-Reverse6.1:140" | 102cmHT-100725lb | 11.3kgAluminumStar Drag$299.99


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