We don’t spend all our money and time on this sport we call fishing, to then cheap out on what we wear and look like while doing it. Well at PENN we don’t. We believe in protecting ourselves as much as protecting our tackle, which is why we have spent years developing our range of PENN fishing shirts. These comfortable and protective accessories are a must when it comes to sun protection, air ventilation and looking the part when out on the water.

We know that different types of fishing will call for a different look. And we get that. Chasing inshore pelagics on light gear? An ultra-light fishing jersey is probably for you. Spinning the beach for Mulloway for hours on end? A vented old-school performance shirt might be your choice. Whatever your fishing style, there is something to suit you.

Start your battle before you leave the house. Fish, look and feel good on the water with PENN’s range of fishing shirts,


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