Penn has really been pushing the limits on what an affordable, durable fishing reel looks like in today’s day and age. With multiple award-winning reels being released over the last 5 years, a simplistic approach to design coupled with good quality materials has seen series like the Penn Slammer and Spin fisher VI reels become staples in many anglers’ garage quivers.

But perhaps the family that epitomizes this approach to the highest degree is the new Battle DX platform. The Battle DX series features a full size range from 2500 used for soft baiting or micro jigging, all the way to an 8000 size which is a capable reel for anything from kingfish to marlin.

The Battle DX is built on PENN’s ever reliable “Full Metal Body” which is comprised of not only a metal frame but side plates as well! This effectively eliminates the tortional twist encountered with composite bodied reels and considerably prolongs the life of the reel while ensuring the angler has maximum cranking power when fighting fish.

The DX family also features PENN’s famous HT-100 carbon drag system, now with an enhanced wave spring design for more minute drag adjustments and a wider range of useable drag. The major benefit of carbon drags is that they are far more durable and dissipate heat more effectively than felt or composite drag washers. Surprisingly to PENN, very few manufacturers are using carbon drag washers in reels at this price point.

At the heart of the Battle DX is PENN’s CNC machined brass gear set and this is where the reel is really separated from its competitors. CNC machining creates precise tolerances to ensure smooth gear meshing which decreases wear over a long period of time. Brass is considerably more durable than common zinc alloys used in fishing reels at this price point and provides unrivalled durability. The same brass gear set is used across the entire range from 2500-8000 making them all as tough as nails!

The PENN NZ team have been using the DX extensively across many different fishing styles and it has proved itself to be more than capable up against many New Zealand species. PENN Battle DX is available now and exclusive to your local Hunting and Fishing store!


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