The new Regiment Black Ops II range is a must have if you appreciate quality lightweight rods, made at affordable price.

The new dark aesthetics of the Regiment Black Ops II seems to enhance whichever reel you decide to match it with. Personally, I have paired mine up with the new Penn Slammer IV and it really brings out the gold highlights of the reel giving it a mean look that’ll put any fish in a state of fear.

Not only is the rod pleasant to look at, it’s also a beast to use! The high performance SLS3 construction graphite blank which has a ‘dual layer graphite wrap’ design, gives you superior strength and twist resistance. This allows the rod to have plenty of grunt down low for extra lifting power in those long and stressful fights, whilst having a nice and whippy tip to work those finesse lures.

Traditionally, just like any other PENN product these rods have been built to last and go that extra mile. The Regiment Black Ops II range is built with high quality components such as Fuji K guides with Alconite inserts to reduce wind knots and line from wrapping around the guide frame. This style of guide also makes casting the new Regiment Black Ops II a breeze giving you more distance with less effort. Often, I am enduring long stints on the water, so it’s nice to save that little bit of energy where I can.

The range also features a lightweight Fuji graphite reel seat adding superior strength and lessening the chance of something going wrong while fighting that fish of a lifetime. Using high quality components across the range gives you the confidence and comfort needed for a rod you will be happy to use in almost every situation.

The Regiment Black Ops II lineup is available in both spin and overhead options and now consists of an impressive 21 models. With 16 spin models to choose from, covering both casting and jigging, no matter what you’re into whether it be topwater kings and mackerel to gathering bait on the inshore reefs or micro jigging reefies, there’s a model for you. With the spin rods covered, what about the overhead anglers you might ask? Well, with 5 overhead options – dropping baits, jigging, or trolling there’s also a rod for that too.

If you’re like me and like to fish hard! Pick up a Regiment Black Ops II today and you’ll soon see why you don’t need to spend a fortune on a rod that’s nice to use and can take on big fish!

By Zane Levitt – PENN Pro Team

Zane is a highly skilled young angler who lives and breathes fishing and the ocean. He works alongside his father Vic, running a sports fishing charter out of Sydney. When he isn’t at work, you will find Zane back on the water chasing that “fish of a lifetime”.


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