Central QLD brothers, who go by the name of the ‘Bastard Smith Brothers’ have set themselves up to hit the reef systems found on the east coast of Australia and have learnt the hard way the importance of quality fishing tackle when taking on the front rowers of the sea. Wade & Luke give their insights and experience using the new Slammer IV up against some quality reefies.

The new Penn Slammer IV series of reels takes tough to the next level. Improving upon the previous Slammer III models, the IV brings models from 2500 all the way through to the 10500 size for the ultimate in power and reliability. Tested in some of the harshest conditions and on some of the strongest fighting fish around, the Slammer IV has been designed to withstand the ultimate test. Featuring a reduced minimum drag and reduced rotor weight, contributing to a lighter, smoother feeling reel that allows you to fish harder for longer. Additional seals have been added to improve the IPX6 rated body and spool, which allows these models to handle the harsh conditions and salt spray that gets dished out on a daily basis.

Why the Penn Slammer IV Series? It’s the feeling of quality when you pick it up, it feels strong and reliable, no matter what punishment gets handed out to it, the angler can have confidence that at the crucial moment, when your gear is pushed to the limit, that the Slammer IV will come out head and shoulders above the rest time and time again. From deep dropping on isolated rocks in the middle of the ocean to casting poppers and stick baits at the thugs of the topwater domain, you know that the Slammer IV will have a model for you that has your back from the depths to the surface.

Jigging is made easy with the all new enhanced range of the Slammer IV, with the varying sizes and drag pressure, you will be sure to find a combo to suit your needs. From lighter inshore jigging with the Slammer IV 3500 all the way through to chasing deep-water brutes with the 10500 model, you are guaranteed strength, power and reliability straight out of the box!

If you are looking at getting started in the jigging game, you need to identify what your target species and environment will be. For shallower inshore reefs, look to fish as light as possible, a slammer IV in the 3500 to 4500 will prove to be a sure fire allrounder for coral trout, fingermark, nannygai and the other smaller reef species. If you are looking to prove just how much the Slammer IV models can take, step into the realm of the pelagics including the true king of the topwater, Dogtooth Tuna, load up, strap in and hang on! No matter what jigging technique you use, quarter turn, half turn, rod flutter, slow lift or a turn and burn style, the only thing the new Slammer IV will leave you wanting, is more.

If you are more of a traditionalist and prefer to use bait for your demons of the deep, the slammer IV will impress in the hands of a beginner all the way through to a seasoned professional angler. Ensure that your bait slab presentation is tight and right, drop onto your favourite mark and make sure to post it on social media… or else it never happened.

The market is saturated with reels that claim to be value for money, and the standard trend at the moment is that if you are looking for performance then you have to sacrifice a lot of your hard-earned cash, and brownie points with your significant other. The Penn Slammer IV takes this trend and wipes the floor with it. Pulling together an unrivalled toughness, high end performance and a large range of available sizes into an affordable package, that unlike others out there, give the angler great value for money! There is a reason so many anglers around our country put their trust in the Slammer series, with the Penn Slammer IV, you only need to relax, and Let the Battle Begin.

By Bastard Smith Brothers – PENN Pro Team

The Bastard Smith Brothers, based in Central QLD live and breathe adventure. If they’re not hunting a hog in the scrub, they’re sending it to the reef to fill an esky with some of the finest table fish found on the east coast!


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